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The mission of the Translational Synthetic Biology lab is to develop transformative technologies for human health. The Translational Synthetic Biology lab is part of  The Department of Experimental and Health Sciences – Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (DCEXS – FCSV) at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) is specialized in Biomedical Research. Our lab is located at the PRBB in Barcelona one of the largest hubs of biomedical research of southern Europe.

The vast expansion of gene editing technologies and therapeutic enzymes holds big promise in treating many diseases. However, the challenge of how to efficiently deliver those tools to specific cell types and tissues remains to be solved. In our lab, we have developed a synthetic evolution platform that uses molecular biology and machine learning frameworks to drive evolution of delivery vehicles with the potential to target any desired cell type with unprecedented precision.

We are seeking a passionate, impact-motivated data scientist/bioinformatician and problem solver who wishes to participate in a fast-paced, dynamic research environment. The developed work will involve development of machine learning algorithms for protein design, phenotypic characterization of single cells and tissues, and creating frameworks for in silico directed evolution.

The project will involve Interactions with industry and Key opinion leaders in the field, in a vibrant ecosystem translation projects and spin-off companies.

Expected starting date: February of 2023.


Research Field
Biological sciences » Biological engineering
Education Level
Master Degree or equivalent

MSc or PhD in computational sciences or bioinformatics, with relevant experience.

Specific Requirements
  • Confidence in sequencing data manipulation and implementation of bioinformatic pipelines.
  • Curiosity and motivation to applied novel biotechnological solutions.
  • Excellent team player who enjoys working in a fast-evolving research environment.
  • Interest in applied genetic engineering and synthetic biology.
  • Previous experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning and/or computational protein engineering, and single cell analysis will be valued.
  • Previous experience in biological systems will be valued
Research Field
Biological sciences » Biological engineering

Additional Information


The candidate will receive a full-time contract and an annual salary according to the UPF salary guidelines. She/he will be able to receive training in complementary through courses of Pompeu Fabra University and the PRBB Intervals Program.
The candidate will participate in a highly translational project with Interactions with industry and spin-off environment.

Selection process

Please send the following documents:

– CV

– Cover letter

To the email address with “DATA SCIENTIST” and your name in the email title.

Confidentiality in document handling and equality of opportunities policy are guaranteed by Pompeu Fabra University.

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