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INSERT-seq is an
automated analysis

Analyse sequencing data from INSERT-seq library-prep protocol.

Characterize genomic integrations and unanchored integrations.

Input reads and sequences:
Upload basecalled Nanopore fastq files.

File names must be of the form:

Give all sequences in 5'-3' orientation.

Please refer to Help page in order to check which sequences to provide.

Adapter sequence before UMI Ontarget primer sequence Upload fastq file

Required arguments:

Select organism:
Provide adapter sequence after the UMI:
Provide error for primer and adapter detection:
Choose if UMI clustering should run:

UMI clustering options:
Enter options for UMI clustering. Only required if UMI clustering step is performed.

Select UMI type:
Minumum UMI length:
Maximum UMI length:
Clustering identity:
Minumum UMI bin size: